In 1978 a young man showed up on the doorstep of Jimco. He walked in, asked for a job, and persistently waited until he was working in the shop. Day after day he showed up with eagerness to work, the ability to learn new skills, and a strong sense of problem solving. Days soon became months, months into years, years into decades and decades into a life long career.

Throughout the years, Mark Gingerich became a unique asset to Jimco. With each new mechanical problem presented, he relentlessly studied until he came to a fundamental knowledge of how each machine worked. Once that was understood, he could easily identify and fix the true problem, and not apply a Band-Aid. At times, this would require a major change to the piece of equipment calling for a switch in engines or a new look at the engineering. Each new challenge presented to Mark became an opportunity to learn, adapt, and grow, and improve.

When the idea of the John Henry Rock Drill was born, his role was vital. He was given a paper napkin with the concept of the machine.  His task was to make it a reality.  He had the ability to make the designs, create individual pieces, and assemble them to form the very first John Henry Rock Drill. Today Mark’s knowledge of the product and experience with the machine is an irreplaceable asset to not only Jimco, but to our customers as well. On any given day, Mark is counseling with mechanics offering technical advice, creating new designs to keep our drills compatible with current standards, and paying attention to each and every detail in the shop. He has earned the title “Drill Doctor” to all that know him and rely on his expert opinions.  His loyalty to the brand can be seen through the many years of work he has invested in Jimco Equipment Corp. His dedication to finding the right solution, and willingness to solve problems has been and will continue to be a key component to the success of John Henry Rock Drills.

Mark’s work at Jimco is a testimony that proves God prepares and equips each of us for His unique calling. 

May God continue to bless Mark and his family! 

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