Forty-three years ago a young salesman from North Carolina made a sales call to a hot and dusty job site in Charleston, WV. This particular lead introduced him to a man by the name of Jim Shafer, the owner of Jimco Supply Company. Jimco was a local dealer of all things construction. Jim Shafer saw something unusual in this young salesman. An eagerness and determination for success. Jim asked him to come to the office and visit him. Soon after that visit, Gary Wallen was Sales Manager for Jimco Supply Co. of Charleston, West Virginia.

Since then Gary has been pioneering Jimco through the rock drilling business. When the first John Henry Rock Drill was produced in 1987 Gary Wallen led the sales effort by spreading the word of the first excavator mounted rock drill through the industry. Jimco went across the country visiting every contractor and every job that was encountering rock. There was no literature, but there were plenty of photographs of the machine and testimonies from successful contractors that were using JOHN HENRY ROCK DRILLS. But perhaps the most successful tool Gary possessed was the honesty and trustworthiness in his eyes when he spoke of the revolutionary machine. Before Gary knew it Jimco had placed hundreds of drills in the field, and caused a major change to the way rock drilling was done forever.

Over the years, Gary has remained loyal and true to the John Henry Drill. To this day, Gary still leads the sales effort whenever someone inquires for a machine.  He has established trusting relationships with many major contractors across the United States. He treats each new prospect with respect, and enjoys building dependable relationships between Jimco Equipment and its clients. The greatest accomplishment for Mr. Wallen is seeing customers succeed with a John Henry and helping contractors find an efficient way to get their job done.


Each member at Jimco is valuable, and adds on to the legacy. Gary Wallen is our dependable salesman with the next generation of rock drillers in mind.


May God continue to Bless Gary and his family.


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