Excavator Mounted Rock Drill

Achieve Unprecedented Precision with the John Henry JH16/170 Excavator Mounted Rock Drillexcavator mounted rock drill

When it comes to rock drilling operations, precision is paramount. The John Henry JH16/170 Excavator Mounted Rock Drill stands out as a powerful and reliable solution, engineered to deliver unmatched accuracy in various industries. Let’s delve into the exceptional features of this rock drilling machine and explore its diverse applications that make it a top choice for precision-focused projects.

Key Features of the John Henry JH16/170 Excavator Mounted Rock Drill

The JH16/170 boasts a range of cutting-edge features designed to maximize drilling efficiency and ensure precise results:

  1. Feed Design: Crafted with a heavy-duty tubular steel construction, the feed system accommodates a 16’ leading rod capacity (20’ 6” overall length). Smooth drifter travel is ensured by stainless steel feed rails, combined with low friction Nylatron slides. For secure positioning, a variable feed pressure, providing 30,000 lbs of retraction force, is applied through a motor/gearbox/chain combination. The extendable single-point foot and hydraulic centralizers with replaceable inserts enhance stability and accuracy during drilling.
  2. Drifter: The “Dry Fire” Model Drifter can achieve up to 2100 blows per minute, each with an impact energy of over 350 ft. lbs. This flexible drifter works well for drilling holes between 2 1/2″ and 4 1/2″ in diameter in T38, T45, or T51 steel. T45 steel is suggested for use with its 16’ feed capacity.
  3. Compressor: Instead of being a counterweight the John Henry compressor is rear-mounted; this allows for a constant supply of cleansing air at a maximum pressure of 150 psi and 375 cfm. This oil-flooded rotary screw design, powered by a CAT diesel engine, guarantees dependable delivery of cleansing air. A simple and intuitive control panel lets the operator fine-tune the air flow
  4. Hydraulic System: With the excavator serving as the primary source of power for all hydraulic drill functions, the John Henry JH16/170 incorporates a reliable pilot-operated hydraulic system. This robust system ensures seamless direction of oil flow to the drill package without affecting standard excavator functions. Heavy-duty steel tubing and hydraulic hoses ensure secure and dependable hydraulic connections.
  5. Operator Control Panel: Located within the operator’s cab, the control panel offers convenient pilot controls for tilt, rotation, air, feed, and impact. Drilling operations can be fully customized and adjusted from this central panel, allowing for precise control of rotation speed, feed pressure, air volume, and water suppression. The inclusion of feed pressure and air pressure gauges, as well as an electronic level indicator, adds to the ease of operation and drilling accuracy.
  6. Dust Control: The JH16/170 comes equipped with a water suppression system, ensuring a cleaner drilling workspace. A hydraulically driven duplex pump efficiently transfers water from a stainless steel 60-gallon tank into the flushing air stream. For even more enhanced dust control, an optional 900 CFM Dry Type Dust Collection system can be added upon request.

Applications of the John Henry JH16/170 Excavator Mounted Rock Drill

The versatility and precision offered by the JH16/170 make it a sought-after solution for a wide array of projects, including but not limited to:

  1. Construction Projects: From foundation drilling to caisson drilling, the JH16/170 ensures precise and efficient rock drilling for construction endeavors.
  2. Quarrying and Mining: In the mining and quarrying industry, the JH16/170 facilitates rock extraction and blast hole drilling with utmost accuracy.
  3. Road and Highway Construction: For infrastructure development, the JH16/170 excels in rock blasting and drilling, contributing to the creation of robust roadways and highways.
  4. Geotechnical Engineering: In soil investigation and ground stabilization projects, the JH16/170’s precision drilling proves invaluable.
  5. Trenching and Utilities: The JH16/170’s efficiency in drilling makes it a preferred choice for utility installations and trenching projects.

Reach Out Today and Learn About Buying or Renting a JH16/170excavator mounted rock drill

With its cutting-edge features and versatility, the John Henry JH16/170 Excavator Mounted Rock Drill is a game-changer in precision drilling. Whether it’s construction, mining, geotechnical work, or utility installations, the JH16/170 demonstrates unparalleled accuracy and performance. For businesses seeking unprecedented precision and efficiency in their rock drilling operations, the JH16/170 is undoubtedly the world-class solution to consider. Join the John Henry Crew and experience the pinnacle of drilling excellence. Contact us online today or call (304)344-9679 to learn more about the JH16/170 and how it can elevate your drilling capabilities to new heights.